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    Hello Aerofly Community,

    i was wondering if the current versions of Aerofly SDK do support to purely drive the aircraft dynamics via the external_dll.

    I have a highly detailed rotorcraft flight dynamic model outside of aerofly. Thus, i am seeking for the opportunity to use Aerofly to present the visuals only without using the internal physics. Interactive avionics components i would put aside and dont consider for the first step. So no dynamic components or displays in the cockpit.

    I have explored the SDK so far with the message to prescribe the aircraft orientation, speeds and positions. It seems to be very convinient, however, only very limited documentation and description of functional limitations are available. What i was wondering if there is a possibility to turn down the physical model of an aircraft within aerofly? In addition, getting some user experience on such type of usage.

    Looking forward to the exchange and discussions!

    Best regards