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    Thank you for the prompt response to my support request. I believe I have provided the requested info. At the bottom of the tm.log file in my Library/Containers, it states that there was an error initializing - code 7. Is this the problem you mentioned, and if so, what is the solution? Can I revert to my prior version of the software?

    My Aerofly RC-9 has been running just fine after downloading it from Apple App store, but just updated it to version 9.0.17 (813) and now having same experience as DeeCee57: it won't open and just get a flash on my iMac screen and then a problem report. Used link given to him to send a support notice but wonder if anyone else is having this same problem with the update? I'm running Big Sur OS on my iMac.

    I purchased Aerofly RC-9 a couple of weeks ago and it has been running fine on my 2017 iMac with Big Sur OS, controlling it with a Spektrum DX5e RC controller with the USB dongle I used on a prior version of the software that I had for some time, but had to upgrade to RC-9 when I upgraded the iMac OS. Today when I went to use it the program does not accept any control inputs from my TX but all else appears normal, i.e., loading of aircraft or scenery & getting smoke to appear, etc. I have restarted the computer and tried to recalibrate the controller, but again it doesn't respond to any stick settings or movements. Any suggestions or ideas as to the cause of this problem after initially working without any problems?