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    I have come from playing Xplane mobile which other than its terrible stability issues, was excellent. A few planes had G1000 GPS units in game. Is this possible / upcoming for AF at some point in time?

    2023 should have city buildings in most cities (NY, LA, SFO, Miami doesn’t get them for some reason) but most cities in europe as well should have then. What version of the sim and what device are you on?

    I have a Note 20 Ultra - good framerates. On high settings. Paris has the Eiffel tower and a hand full of other buildings. I suppose I mean auto gen type buildings like Xplane. NYC has a few of the new super tall / slim apartment buildings around Central park and a few in downtown but not exactly dense. This is understandable but significant building density can be done by mobile sims.

    Appreciate the quick answers to my prior questions here. I have noticed that Aerofly 2023 has no city buildings nor city lights at night (other than airports) . Just flicking through the Google Play store and I noticed that the 2020 version does indeed have city lights at night and many city 3D buildings ( not just the odd few like in 2023). Was this a performance decision for AF2023 ?

    quick questions re the 777 and perhaps other airliners. I never really paid attention to this in other sims but noticed a definite increased dihedral angle of wings in flight compared to when on the ground.

    Presumably this is normal, lift would logically push wings upwards compared to when they are producing no lift. That said comparing the 777 in game in flight and photos of the real life aircraft in flight I notice quite a bit more angle up of wings in game. Eye balling this only.

    Appreciate the quick responses I have received so far. Will fuel be modelled in the next update?

    Seems an odd thing to leave out considering the quality of the rest of the game. I'm sure there was good reason for it etc.

    forgive me if this has been asked before but coming over from infinite flight and Xplane I wanted to know if we can import a flight plan and paste it in to the flight planner. SIDS / STARS are options in infinite flight (can't stand the gfx of IF) with a huge array of options. Does Aerofly support this ? From what I see the flight planner is quite simplistic and the bulk of flights only have way points around airports with cruise following great circle / gps track

    Can see the huge potential of Aerofly and really love how stable it is. Xplane mobile has been quite broken since Android 13 came out

    Just moved from xplane mobile to Aerofly 2023. Love things so far, but have two questions.

    1)how do I turn off the yellow approach boxes close to airports (mobile version)

    2) I'm perplexed at the lack of fuel modelling. Is the reduction of fuel weight actually modelled ? (Ie increased performance when lighter) or not? I understand currently you cannot run out of fuel.