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    Honestly guys from IPACS , I changed from FS 2 to FS 4 because I was expecting a lot lot more , so also that traffic , ground communication , whole weather profiles aso. was just normal that it is there in version 4 while asking already for years ( if u want to use it or not , its up to everyone ) , like as any other sim , I mean this is version 4 !! . and honestly I was expecting much much much more then that-- !! i mean we jumped up "2 " TWO full versions from V2 to V4 not from V2_1 to V2.1.0.5 .. but this is exactly the same sim , same horrible very old menu ,same stuff , got rid of that flighing school and put a new menu with challenges , honestly again ,even programming a flight route , this menu could have been written in DOS , so bad is the navigation to put some more VOR spots or change a route , not even saving or editing a saved own route is possible , and everything else there is not really something what changed what could justify that price for a whole new game (sim) !! , I mean if this would have been sold as an update from 2.0 to maybe 2.3 then I would accept that still nothing really changed . , but now .. like this , . its a shame for the money we spent !!! so for people who are not have spent that money yet , i propose waiting for version 27 , maybe then it makes sense to change !! thanks for spending money for nothing!!.


    -new lighting engine - the word sounds good but in real it.s a joke those light changes

    -Over 1200 hand made high quality airports , . u guys really joking !!, . most of all the airports still looking the same shit then v2 - some rectangular blocks putting together as like a sprite in commodore 64 , nothing else. In the year of 2023 this must be the lowest settings in graphic menu possible ) oh i forgot , there is no real graphic settings menu in this sim !

    -scenery 3d buildings everywhere and trees , haha ,. I have to do a youtube video flying for 2 hours anywhere over some blocks , or so called mountains looks all like minecraft in lowest settings

    -Air traffic -.. c-mon . , tell me , where is air traffic , . i mean somebody mensioned already - air traffic for ipacs means , some airplanes are starting and landing from nowhere to disappear in nowhere , no sense at all , . and air traffic is something else !! communication ,real TCAS aso.

    Flight Missions is just a programmed route , flying a default setting .. Carrier Assistance and new Aircrafts .. wow again that sounds amazing , if it would have been sold as an Add-on .. but thats it , .. in real nothing what gives the customer anything to justify to buy a whole new game from V2 to v4 at all !.

    thanks , thats my opinion about V4 (and many others to if u watch some youtubers starting to complain)

    Hi, thx for fast reply and yes both controllers are properly paired . I can see them in SteamVR Control Window ,no error or anything else showing up. If I test the controllers under bindings I can use all functions of both controllers in VR . and also any other VR game I can play all of them with both hands seen in the game ( like Alyx aso.) . In AFS 4 I can not see the blue hands at all.They not showing up in VR . And what is wondering me it is exactly the same thing on my laptop as also my completly new installed PC. . Ones before, like a year ago, I used to use AFS 2 on my Laptop and all worked fine . The blue hands where there and I could fly fully in VR like an angel ;) but now I can't really find out in what direction go to search for this problem because both Laptop and PC doing same problem. Also restart and starting only AFS 4 at first thing is not helping , Also I checked any window overlapping ,but there is not ( also no taskmanager open or some progs. I know , what could make this problem happen. Is there any vr bindings file what could help (steam_app_1995890_binding_generic) ? thanks.

    Hi, I searched all around but coudln´t find any related topic like my problem.

    When I start AFS 4 in VR (by Steam or also with Shortcut -openvr , or -otherVR , tryed all . I can start the sim in VR. With the Valve Index Headset I can watch all around in the cockpit

    but whatever I do I can not see the controllers hands in AFS. Any other game the Index Controllers working perfectly fine . It is exactly the same problem on my laptop (Asus Strix Scar 17) as also on my completly new constructed and installed PC (WIN10 Pro) ASUS Z790 I5-13600KF RTX4070Ti. Anyone any Idea how to findout what problem that can be. thanks