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    I'm still waiting for flushing toilets Jan. If the IPACS team worked weekends Im sure you could implement all of these requests in no time at all.

    From toilets, I imagined the inside of a plane, and from that, I imagined the cabin...

    So can IPACS add a cabin view?

    It's like the window view, but when you turn around, you cam see the cabin.

    The cabin will only be rendered when the view is selected, saving performance.

    The issues is not the water itself. It's the coast lines and how to store all that data efficiently.

    What if only the large areas of water bodies (Seas, Oceans, etc) have textures? And the texture slowly fades away till the coast lines, or whenever it joins a river?

    This way the AI or the devs won't need to retexture every coast, because the texture ends before reaching any complex landforms.

    Currently, the scenery is remarkable for a phone, considering the amount of 3D buildings as well.

    However, the water seems a bit bland.

    Instead of relying on satellite imagery for water textures,

    Can the devs use satellite imagery to see where water is, and slap on stock water footage? Since it's just a texture, I don't suppose it will straining the performance.

    For example, I have photoshopped this water texture on the above screenshot

    I agree withmost of the thing you said,but a maximum of 15 players in a server is really small. You'll hardly see any other planes because of the size of the global map. Rfs for example allows upto 100 players in a server and You'll hardly see other aircrafts unless you're flying to the few major airports

    I mean the graphic, 3D buildings and aircraft details on RFS is very less, thats why so many planes can be spawned. This can't really be pulled off by Aerofly without some serious optimizations.

    At least a private server joinable by a code so you and your friends can fly together is a good idea.

    So we've seen that the Global Pre-Paid Subscription has recieved a positive response till now, so what if the Devs try to make a multiplayer mode?

    The price can be included in the Global Subscription (Say, about +$2 per month).

    To manage the performance, the details of other players' planes can be reduced to the bare minimum and upto only 5-15 players per server will be allowed.

    I know this is a lot, and the dev's are probably working on fixing the broken airports, but multiplayer is going to attract so many players.

    Side requests: Adding tire smoke, changeable payload, weather, airport lights and failures will make this sim the most feature packed and complete sim I've ever seen on mobile. We need some love for airbus and cargo planes too!


    Feedback should be encouraged as the only thing it does is improve the flight sim.

    And since this may be the last flight sim, I know the dev's load must've reduced.

    And considering we got such high quality pushback, AI traffic, AI airport generation, maybe IPACS should handcraft some more important and major airports in the coming year!

    I've been searching for airports to land on with my subscription, and somehow, I found out that Lukla (Tenzing Hillary) airport, an aviation landmark, it apparently missing. Can be get a handcrafted version of this iconic airport in a later update?

    There may be some more airports missing, but I haven't got the chances to search all of them up yet.

    Edit: I found a random, really huge non existent structure north to Mumbai Airport

    Is this the final flight simulator?

    Considering the name, it doesn't feel like a flight sim that will get a new app each year.

    I am feeling that instead of a new app each year, this sim will get updated.

    We already got the global scenery. Maybe charge about $2 extra and someday, we'll get multi player. New plane? Just add it for an extra 1$.

    The revenue generated from the subscription should be able to reduce the need for a new flight sim each year.