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    what are you taking about? The recoil is wonderful, it moves realistically, the truck has textures and engine sound... it is the best tow truck in any mobile simulator, why are you complaining? You should be grateful, there are people who are happy with nothing

    Did you not read what I had said near the end? I quite nearly said that I appreciated the devs releasing Aerofly FS early and just suggested some improvements to the game. You need to read things entirely instead of just accusing people of things they didn't even mean. And of all places, you decide to get mad at a post on a forum where people are MENT to talk about the game and how it should be improved. I was suggesting, not begging.

    I quite like the state that Aerofly FS Global is in right now. The Boeing 737-900ER NG is fantastic, and I love how the sounds make the plane feel so powerful. One thing I don't quite like is how you have to get the global scenery to fly with quality resolutions outside the West Coast. Even then when you get it, you need to have an internet connection to fly around with the buildings and ground. Along with having to be connected to an internet connection, the pushback feels a bit odd, and you have to choose between moving the plane manually which feels a bit off to me, or teleporting the plane directly to the runway, which takes away the realism from the game. Adding autopilot to the pushback system would be a nice small-release fix. Porting the scenery from Aerofly FS 2023 would be a nice addition, especially if you're playing without the internet, and would let changes along with more scenery be added to the game. I know the developers put a lot of time and effort into releasing the new version in a quick and timely manner, though I just hope this gets seen by the devs and gets worked on so that everyone can have fun with or without an internet connection no matter what.