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    Moin Moin,

    the trottle has a stop you have to overcome for the beta range. Is it possible change the control settings so thats FS4 only use the possitive range for the prop airplanes with no reverse?

    Nochmal kurz in Deutsch. Kann man den Throttle so anpassen, das er bei den Props nur den Bereich über dem Wiederstand nutzt für die Throttleachse. Im Moment muss ich immer über den Wiederstand ziehen um auf 0% Power zu kommen. Sorry wahrscheinlich ein wenig umständlich erklärt.

    Danke Klaus

    Ja, es ist in den meisten Flugsimulationen möglich, die Steuerungseinstellungen für den Gashebel so anzupassen, dass nur der positive Bereich der Schubregelung für Propellerflugzeuge genutzt wird, ohne einen Rückwärtsschub. Dies erfolgt normalerweise in den Steuerungseinstellungen der Software. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Anleitung Ihrer spezifischen Flugsimulation für genaue Anweisungen.

    What is stopping IPACS from adding multiplayer?

    They are getting a great income from the yearly flight sims and in game purchases (If each sim was 5 usd, and got 10k downloads, they would get 50k usd yearly, not counting the in game transactions and their PC version, although I do agree taxes and employee salary exists)

    They can add a subscription as well for multiplayer (I would prefer a non renewing time restricted purchase like spotify tbh)

    The only reason that would make sense would be the lack of technical knowledge of multiplayer servers by IPACS.

    Still,I wonder how, many mobile games manage multiplayer rooms for Free while offering only tiny one time micro transactions (Not even necessary to purchase for multiplayer)

    Due to technical challenges, a concentration on single-player quality, resource allocation, mobile device restrictions, and their current monetization approach, IPACS may have decided against multiplayer. The context and priorities of each game's development are different, although IPACS may later give multiplayer another look.

    Hello guys

    Recently I have been having a problem when I am trying to brake when I have made my touchdown. As soon as I apply my brakes it goes to 0 immediately. Any ideas?

    Experiencing braking issues after touchdown. Check vehicle brakes, calibrate game settings, and consider a different controller. Adjust in-game braking settings. If the problem persists, seek game support or community help.

    Your request for an increase in the telemetry output rate for motion simulators in Aerofly FS 4 is understood. Sharing this feedback with the developers can help improve the simulator for motion platform users. Keep expressing your suggestions for a smoother and more immersive experience in future updates.

    Aerofly has very good optimization. But there’s no magic to let you run large 3D games on thin and low power laptops such as MacBook Air.

    Experiencing lag near busy airports like Heathrow and KSFO on a MacBook Air M2 is common. Lower graphics settings, reduce AI traffic, and ensure your system is adequately cooled. For game quitting issues in northern Europe, check for updates, disable add-ons, confirm macOS compatibility, review error logs, and seek support if problems persist.

    Hi all,

    Is anyone here still using FS2 with IZ0JUB's Isle of Wight HD scenery?

    I'm having a problem with the performance of the cultivation files, specifically the trees, compared to using other parts of his scenery for the UK. Adding the 'buildings' folder to '\places' works just fine and FS2 loads and runs perfectly, However, when I add the 'trees' folder, FS2 takes an age to load into the simulation (although it works normally when it finally does) and hangs on shutting the application down. I don't have any similar problems when using cultivation for the rest of the SW/SE of England. I have noticed that the trees used for the cultivation files for the IoW area appear to be different in style/size to the rest of IZ0JUB's cultivation files.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue and knows of a way to fix the problem?

    Many thanks!

    You're experiencing performance issues with IZ0JUB's Isle of Wight HD scenery in FS2, mainly related to the trees in the cultivation files. To address this, consider checking for updates, lowering graphics settings, contacting the creator or community for solutions, adjusting cultivation density, checking for conflicts, ensuring your system meets requirements, or trying a reinstall as a last resort. These steps may help improve performance.

    I have forgotten how to reverse the throttle axis on my TCA Airbus stick. When I move the slider up it just decreases speed rather than increases it. Could someone please help me with this thanks. ?(

    To reverse the throttle axis on your TCA Airbus stick, access your flight simulator's control settings and look for the option to invert or reverse the throttle axis. This should solve the issue, allowing you to increase speed when moving the slider up.

    Welcome to Aerofly! While it might not have as extensive a freeware community as X-Plane, there are still some user-created aircraft and liveries available for Aerofly. You can check forums, websites, and community platforms related to Aerofly for downloads and discussions. It's a good idea to explore dedicated Aerofly forums or communities to find what you're looking for and get advice from fellow enthusiasts. Happy flying! 😊✈️

    I've recently bought FS 2023 on android and I'm using the Xbox one controller with it. I couldn't find a manual or info on key bindings so I tried testing buttons in-game and figured out most of them but I don't understand what the "view button" does at all. When I press it, the right analog stick loses its function to control the yoke until I press it again. Can someone tell me the use of that button?

    The "View" button on your Xbox One controller likely toggles between different camera views in FS 2023. When you press it, it temporarily changes the function of the right analog stick from controlling the yoke to adjusting the camera angle or perspective. Pressing it again should return the right analog stick's function to control the yoke for flying the aircraft. This button is often used to switch between cockpit view, external view, or other camera angles to enhance your flight experience.

    Hey, there is a feature that i find very irritating. When you try to move the camera lets say to the left you accidentally touch the yoke of the plane and it just dives or turns very steep and you crash (happens a lot in final and with the 135 rudder pedals)… I don’t know if this happened to anyone. But i just don’t understand the utility of this feature. Have a nice day

    It sounds like you're experiencing frustration with accidental aircraft control input while trying to move the camera in your flight simulator. This issue can be quite annoying. In many flight simulators, the sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted to reduce unintended inputs, but it depends on the specific simulator you're using. Check the simulator's settings or control sensitivity options to see if you can make adjustments to alleviate this problem.

    Hi all, Newbee here. I’ve downloaded the AeroflyRC 9 app to my iMac and MacBook Pro with OS 10.15.7 but I can not seem to get it to open. A dark screen flashes by and then a pop-up comes up stating “Problem Report for Aerofliy RC 9” with a bunch of coding and a comment box. In which, I have left a couple comments w/o a reply yet. I’ve tried the reopening button many times with the same results. The requirements are for OS 10.13.0 or higher. Any idea what the problem might be?????

    Also, I want to go wireless using a DX6e. I’ve purchased a USB-interfaceset 3031020 (dongle), which uses a Spektrum AR770-X receiver BUT the AR7700-x is obsolete and I can’t find it anywhere. So, is there a substitute PPM receiver that I can use???

    So far, I haven’t found any instructions on how to setup the system. I assume I need a WiFi/Bluetooth running but do I need the internet running? Does the radio need to be on durning start up? And a bunch of other questions.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


    It seems like you're experiencing technical issues with AeroflyRC 9 and are looking for information on using a substitute PPM receiver. Here's a brief response:

    1. **AeroflyRC 9:** The issue you're facing with AeroflyRC 9 not opening might be related to compatibility with macOS 10.15.7. Make sure your system meets the game's requirements and consider contacting the game's support for assistance with this specific problem.

    2. **Substitute PPM Receiver:** If you can't find the AR7700-X, you may want to check if there are other Spektrum receivers that are compatible with your DX6e and the USB interface set. Compatibility is crucial, so consult the product documentation or reach out to Spektrum's support for guidance.

    3. **Setup Instructions:** The setup process often depends on the specific hardware and software you're using. Check the manuals or guides that came with your equipment for step-by-step instructions. Internet connectivity may not be necessary for basic setup, but it can be helpful for updates and additional features.

    For detailed assistance, consider contacting the customer support of AeroflyRC and Spektrum for precise solutions to your issues.

    I have a Leo Bodnar BU0836A Interface with all axes showing up and calibrated in the Device/interface screen. But in the Helicopter Controller Setup screen, the Rx Axis does not show up when I try to assign to collective. All the other axes show up and are assigned in the Controller Setup screen, only one axis, Rx, does not show up. Thank you.

    If the Rx axis is not showing up in the Helicopter Controller Setup screen, despite being recognized and calibrated in the Device/interface screen, it could be a compatibility or configuration issue within the specific software or game you are using.

    To troubleshoot:

    1. Ensure you have the latest drivers and firmware for your Leo Bodnar BU0836A Interface.

    2. Check the software or game's documentation for any specific settings or requirements related to controller input.

    3. Verify that you are using the correct input mapping or configuration within the software or game for helicopter control.

    4. Consider reaching out to the software or game's support or community forums for assistance, as they may have insights into known issues or solutions for your specific setup.

    It's possible that there might be a specific setting or configuration step needed within the software or game to recognize and assign the Rx axis correctly.

    Hello Matt - A screenshot I submitted, featuring your Spitfire for FS4, has been selected as the page banner for September on the NZ Flightsim Forum. 8) :)

    Couldn't have done it without you!



    That's wonderful news, Mike! Your screenshot being chosen for the NZ Flightsim Forum's September page banner is a great achievement. Keep up the fantastic work, and I hope you continue to enjoy your flight simulation experiences.

    It's evident that you have a passion for flight simulation and a detailed wishlist for Aerofly simulators. Your requests span from adjustable time skip sliders to various aircraft liveries, new aircraft additions, and a wide range of airports. Your suggestions show a desire for a diverse and realistic flying experience. While I can't guarantee the implementation of these features, sharing your feedback with the developers and the community can contribute to the growth and improvement of the simulator. Your dedication to the Aerofly franchise is clear, and your input helps shape its future.

    Answering questions from users obviously takes a lot of time and we would need to hire a new person just to manage discord. In my personal opinion discord is good for chatting and communicating but we need a platform that is searchable by web search engines where posts and questions and the answer to those questions remain available to the public for a long time.

    Considering the need for a searchable and publicly accessible platform, exploring options beyond Discord might be beneficial. Platforms like forums or knowledge bases could be more suitable for maintaining a lasting repository of information that's easily discoverable through web search engines.