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    Hey guys, maybe first let’s give some love to some Airbus big twins first please? You guys already have a 77W to play with. Plus the 777X doesn’t take flight commercially until 2025 at the earliest.

    Boeing has so much love in this game already: 777-300ER, 747-400, 737 Classic, 787-10, 737-900ER, soon to be the 737 Max

    Airbus: A320ceo, A380

    It would be really sad if we got a 777X model before say an A350 or even an A330 especially when these are already in active service.

    Yeah, wrote in another post as well. Hong Kong is by far the most disappointing given its significance in the real world. The airport is completely flat, with the iconic terminal building completely missing. The ILS approaches all have those massive poles.

    Hope they look into it quickly

    Hong Kong Airport remains completely dead and unusable in the game. Both the runways have massive poles sticking out of them which makes an ILS approach impossible.

    And the airport’s iconic architecture is completely missing. This is with an M2 iPad Pro. HKG’s terminal building is one of the most iconic in the world and so pushing back from that would be awesome!

    Would love to see this looked into since Hong Kong is one of the busiest airports in the world as a super hub. Thank you

    Every other livery for the A320 is either old, replaced or from a dead airline and would love some new paint to be put into it. Obviously bug fixes are important at the moment but it would be appreciated if we got some updates to the liveries. Obviously some might like the old liveries kept for sentimentality so in addition to that please add in the new liveries

    As you can see

    Aer Lingus - OLD LIVERY

    Aeroflot -

    Air Asia -

    Air Berlin - DEFUNCT

    Air China -

    Air France - OLD LIVERY

    Air Jamaica - DEFUNCT

    Air New Zealand -

    Air Seychelles-

    Alitalia- DEFUNCT

    American -

    ANA -

    Avianca -

    British Airways -

    Cathay Pacific - OLD LIVERY

    China Eastern -

    China Southern -

    Citilink -

    Delta -

    EasyJet -

    Edelweiss -

    Germanwings- DEFUNCT (now rebranded)

    GulfAir - OLD LIVERY

    Indigo -

    LAN - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    Lufthansa -

    Malta -

    Northwest- DEFUNCT (now merged)


    Shenzen Airlines -

    Sichuan Airlines -

    Swiss - OLD LIVERY

    TAM - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    TAP -

    Vietnam Airlines -

    Thanks Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    For the Aerofly 2023 cycle we got the Boeing 737-900ER and Concorde, so what do you think will/should be the next one that Aerofly should bring in?

    I personally would like to see some love for Airbus shown now after quite a few Boeing’s in the fleet. I think the A321neo or the A330 would be great, since they IPACS could use the existing textures and modify it. I would personally love to see the A350XWB but I know that it is a bit of a reach to expect it.

    Hi Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Hong Kong Airport is in dire need of some work. The main airport building is completely missing and this is with an M2 iPad Pro. Checked my internet connection to see if this was an issue from my end and it turns out that the building is indeed missing. The outline is there, but, the building is lacking.

    But the bigger issue is that making an ILS approach into Hong Kong is currently impossible thanks to two huge solid antenna towers that stick out right in front of 25L or even 07R.

    Please look into this. I know you likely have a lot on your plate, but, please have a look. Some of your major airports are modeled quite well but I felt some East Asian airports need work. Thank you

    The only problem is that the version before the update was much more usable. We've updated, we've had a blast. We received a promise that the errors would be corrected.

    Nothing has happened since then, they simply don't answer our questions. Although this can also be considered an answer. :(

    Totally agree. How I regret updating back in August. It really is a disservice when each update makes the game ‘worse’ in the basic sense. And the sad part is that on iOS you can’t revert to an older build so you’re stuck.

    Give us some time to look into this. What device are you using?

    It’s an M2 iPad Pro but I have found the issue to be the same on other iOS devices too.

    Imagine using the sidestick and you hold it in one position, but, suddenly that sidestick just automatically goes to the neutral position. That is the issue.

    Previously this wasn’t an issue prior to the August update.

    Analog auto-centering is not the solution as suggested. Kindly look into it please as it takes away from a healthy flying experience

    This will fall on deaf years by the devs but I cannot fathom why there’s been no update to a bug which Aerofly brought themselves.

    Im sure the community is aware by now but after the August update, using analog, the controls automatically slide back to the ‘neutral’ position. The workaround is to keep jostling with the slider until it registers but it is so hit and miss that most of the time, I cannot flare correctly now.

    This also applies to the throttle/brake slider on the left of the screen which requires you to push to slide gently up to 30% power before coming down to braking. Otherwise you get an Extreme braking. Deploying thrust reversers as a result is so painful to do now.

    Why why why is this still not fixed?! It really made me regret updating back in August to the latest update because it’s always the same…one step forward, two steps back.