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    Hi, I’m testing the B737 Max 9,

    Could you add the long timing strobe lights?
    I think they are more recent than the short timing ones. Would be very nice.

    I also noticed that the call sign on PFD left side doesn’t change when you write your own one in the fmc.

    When I start a flight with my AirPods and then I take them off few minutes later, the audio just disappears. The only way to bring it back is to close the app and restart it. Did anyone encounter this problem? I noticed this bug also in AF2023.

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone knows if an Airac update will be added in the Aerofly 2024? The current one is very outdated and, in my opinion, needs to be updated, as it adds a lot of realism in the simulator. I think also a Navigraph add on would be nice, so the developers don’t need to pay.

    I think also a “Direct to” feature would be great.

    Thank you all people will answer me.