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    It would also be nice to see a long distance private jet like the g700, global 7500 or a Falcon 8X (I know gulfstream and dassault are very strict with copyright, but I think the global 7500 is a possibility) for more unique flights. Improvements in live winds and weather would be nice, adding more realism and challenges to the flying experience.

    This is also happening to me after the update was released, whenever I spawn the game always crashes within a few minutes, making flying impossible. Device: IPhone 13 Pro Max. IOS 17.4 Aerofly version 1.0.35

    As much as I love the A330 and have flown it many times with Iberia from Spain to the US, I have to say the A350 is amazing and much more modern and advanced, it’s currently the future of aviation along with the 787. I’d rather get the A350, either -1000 or -900 variant and wait a bit longer for the a330, which is already available on xplane. If ipacs releases an A330 (which is already on xplane with interactive cockpit), it won’t attract as much attention as an A350 with a fully interactive cockpit. The A350 is a big selling point

    I believe that's part of the military base adjacent to Costa del Sol airport, it used to be blurred on google maps so that's probably why it's blurred in Aerofly, happens with a few military bases, nuclear power plants... things meant to be protected from satellite imagery

    The game and devices at the moment are not stable enough for multiplayer to be implemented imo. Hopefully future improvements in device performance and the sim itself make this possible. Physics on other aircraft would need to be simplified, similar to the AI traffic there's at the moment. With quality work, I think decent atc and multiplayer can be achieved, though it's certainly not an easy task.