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    Hi Higgy,

    I cannot even remember my user name, I had the avatar .gif of the walking Easter Island statue. About donations: I really wanted to donate, I seem to recall there was a bit a hassle involved because of changing US Dollars to Euros. I could be remembering this wrongly also.

    I did donate a few models.

    I'm presently working with Phoenix RC it's not a bad sim, it could use some better ways to generate more airfoils, but that's nitpicking.

    It's not like it isn't possible in other sims, like Flightgear has had a really decent, shader based weather and seasonal ground change engine.

    A video of my flying a Neiuport 16 out of Belfort Chaux (LFGG) in late December with real weather and the seasons slider set accurately.

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    So I'm a former forum inmate from the old rc sim forum RC, and just wondering what's going on with it's potential reopening. Seems like it's been in stasis for ages.

    Are any one of you folks from RC There was a bit of a buzz in the last days about AeroFly FS and AeroFly RC 8 so I figured some of you would have migrated across.

    Not a lot of resources for those making coding for mobile devices, that I'm aware of. Having been involved in FlightGear's open source development for Window and Linux, the laptop and PC are still the main way to have improved graphics at a hobbyist's level.

    I am surprised considering AeroFly's early reliance on OpenGL rendering that you haven't been checking out what is going on with FlightGear, as there is a big shift underway to leave their long in use Open Scene Graph rendering and change their rendering engine over to OpenGL, and the early screen shots are showing lots of promise.

    So, FlightGear has had, for at least a near decade, a terrain and METAR reading programming using OSG's shader engine to make some of the most realistic and stunning weather/clouds and dynamic terrain and wind effects. Slope soaring in the Alps is very possible in FlightGear. Setting up the shock wave condensation at high AoA is just a matter of reading the local weather for humidity and having a property tree open enough that you can read the aircraft's attitude to it forward movement and speed.