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    Dunno if this question has been asked before but are the devs going to add IAE variants to the a320 as well? I mean the a321 is already available with 2 variants so it only make sense to also update the a320 with additional IAE variants and liveries. Thanks in advance for any answers!

    To the beta users, how is the new dome lighting in the a320/a321? From the changelog it seems like dome lighting for the a320 family has been added so I’m quite curious to see how well does it look. I’ve always felt like the old cockpit lighting in the a320 looks too “unatural” and lacks behind the cockpit lighting in something like the 737 max so it would be interesing to see how the new lighting looks like.

    I'm also having the same issue. I can run the a320, 787 and 777 perfectly fine at 30fps locked with about 60% pixel density but when flying the max and the NG it fluctuates significantly, varying between 15-25. This could happen because the devs might be using much more advanced and intricate modelling and texturing for the max and the NG( Tbf this is expected as currently the max and the NG look way better than any other aircrafts in the game) . But then again I'm playing the game on the iphone X s max which is like the bare minimum in terms of hardware performance so this could also be due to devices. What device are you using?

    At the moment I feel like the max's engine noise is even louder than the NG, especially with the buzzing sound, which says something as the max is supposed to be quieter than the NG. And yeah the a320's internal sounds somewhat suck, apart from the engine sound at idle thrust.

    I think this will just be a question of when the developers are going implement a system that allows us to modify the fuel quantity, passengers, cargo weight as well as the center of gravity for all aircrafts. That would realistically allow us to fly at higher/lower altitudes without worrying that the plane might stall as currently the FOB/weight of every single plane is unmodifiable which is kinda restrictive in terms of flight levels for certain aircrafts.

    i dont know if youve tried it yet, and i wanted to find out from other users, but if you climb above any altitude further than FL340 and put either the 739 or 739 Max into the CRZ thrust detent that the airspeed will slowly bleed back? it's almost comparable to the 747 or even 77W when that gets above FL420, like the 737 is almost too heavy to sustain flight at those altitudes without losing airspeed?

    this doesnt really affect the experience with the jumbo or the triple because you can fly those between kind of 36 and 40,000' (unless of course you try and take the jumbo to 45,000') but for both new 737s to be losing airspeed at 37,000' unless left in CLB or CLB 1 is kind of sad...

    It seems like on the 737-900, the system page displays both the brake temps as well as the aircraft’s flight control surfaces whereas on the max the brake temps are still there but without the flight control surfaces. Is this an intended feature for the max or is it simply forgotten? I would greatly appreciate an answer!

    the one on the NG

    Currently as it stands, the 737-900 has one of the best, if not the best cockpit in the entire game right now. Coupled with the immersion of its custom sound pack and it is an almost flawless plane. However, I do have some few questions. Firstly, will the 737 get a fully modelled cabin with a working lighting system just like the a320 with animated doors and cargo holds ? Secondly, I feel like the 737's model is too "polished" and I think that having some dust/grime on the wings as well as on the plane's fuselage would make it seem more realistic. Thanks in advance for any answers!

    As someone who has just recently purchased the game and was previously an infinite flight user, I gotta say that I'm blown away by the huge improvements in graphics and realism offered by Aerofly when compared to IF. Big Kudos to the hard-working devs who are working tirelessly to set the standards even higher for mobile flight sims. However, I have one question. Has any of you guys in the devs team considered/began working on ground services such as moving jetways, baggage handlers, fuel trucks or catering services vehicles. Working ground services will add a lot of extra realism to the game as well as make airports more lively in general. I think the game would also benefit greatly from having customizable options for AI ground vehicles that moves around the airport just like the air traffic that we're getting in the game atm. I would greatly appreciate some answers and thanks for making such an awesome flight sim!