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    Many switches in the real aircraft are kept in an On/Auto position. Only systems generally considered harmful such as hydraulic pumps or systems consuming a lot of power or are not designed to run on idle (fuel pumps) are usually switched off before shutting down the aircraft and these switches should also be off in the cold and dark configuration.

    If you know any switches that should be off as part of the standard operating checklist and flow for the aircraft please let us know.

    Thank you for the fast reply! Learned something new. :)

    To be honest I think IPACS should stop making new airplanes and start focusing on the realism and system depth. For example, the only aircraft which has implemented hydraulics is the A320. All other airplanes lack this feature, hence the ability to move the flight controls when the airplane is cold and dark. I think they should pay more attention to the A380 which is missing a lot in its FMC. Now these two things are just a few of many things lacking in their aircraft. I understand that these airplanes are all included in the sim and are really worth the price, but hopefully you get my point. Once again, I totally understand the fact that IPACS is a small team and that this simulator is a HUGE project and that it requires a lot of work and tweaking, but I am also under the impression that many aerofly users want to see VISUAL changes instead of those hidden, performance and system depth adaptations which doesn't help either.

    Sorry for the late reply, i was busy this week so it's just now that i've seen the responses (thank you for responding so fast!). The problem is solved! Since i use Steam, once i opened Aerofly FS4 it did a small update and the problem was gone. The runway on which i took the photo of the faulty scenery was in Insbruck but now it is fixed! Thanks!


    I haven't played Aerofly FS4 for a week now, and the moment i started a flight i saw that there is no runway. It's just plain dirt. I really don't know if that's a bug with an update or is it something wrong with my system? Does anyone have the same problem? P.S. I have the Steam version fully updated.