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    So what does actually happen? An aircraft taking off from one airport to another destination not reaching said destination is rather vague. Does is suddenly fall out of sky, does the engine quit, are you flying on copilot which seems to be not working etc.

    -The whole airport on La Gomera (GCGM) is sloping down to the sea making operations nearly impossible. I don’t think that this is how it is in real life.🤔

    -The spawn point at runway 09 is also too far back, causing aircraft to slide down the cliff side.😅

    I hope the devs can do something with this information.👍

    Edit: I can’t upload some of my screenshots, because their file size is too big🤷‍♂️. I do hope that it is clear what I am trying to convey.

    I got two other features I'd like:

    -A kneeboard/map that gives you the proper course and distance between waypoints/navigational features. This could even be integrated in the current navigation screen.

    -AI aircraft that move at the airport and do stuff at the airport.

    Edit: This is obviously very coloured by the old flight sims I used to play as a kid.

    I believe IPACS said it is due to them lacking accurate enough coastline data to move the "coastline" to the actual coastline. Even much bigger companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have these poor looking coastlines on their map software. Microsoft's flight simulator probably doesn't have this issue, through the use of AI and manual training of said AI, by people.

    I do wonder if there are other simple ways to remove atleast the hard edges? It won't look as good as that other simulator, but makes the problem less noticeable.

    Now we just need an aircraft that’s supposed to land there.😅

    The King Air is a pretty good substitute for a Twin Otter or a Dornier, but one of these is obviously better.💪 Especially if we ever get Saba or St. Barthemely.👀

    Are you sure about that?🤨

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    I took off and landed there yesterday. With the right aircraft it's not even that difficult, but landing the King Air there is seriously impressive👍👍.

    If there wasn't a helicopter in the way it'd be easy with the C172^^