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    The image you have there is a cabin-flex NEO so it doesn't really make sense to add the racoon "mask."

    Also, how does the A330 have visual resemblance to the A320? I can see how some think the cockpit window layout is similar, but the windows are larger and differing in shape.

    The mask appearance was a desire for a beautiful appearance that was beyond reality. What I want to say for the A330 is that we are doing pilot duty, although the external appearance is not similar, the cockpits are very similar and we spend most of our time there :)

    After choosing the A350 because the A330 looks like the A320, we were surprised for the A321, but it's innovative and exciting! Then it would be very stylish to add to this the raccoon masked livery of Pegasus airlines...


    I want to see innovations in ground service rather than the arrival of new planes, for example, real passengers would be very stylish! As for the point, I prefer the A350-900 or 1000 instead of the A330, which is not much different from the A320, but it doesn't upset me that the A330 arrives, I just have to mention the choice between the two... (the problem of shutdown is more important than anything when changing the audio and camera available in ios devices)