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    Do they have this as a default aircraft or is that an addon? Please don't compare apple to oranges. Also don't forget that they have a team of 100+ developers which we don't.

    I believe it is one you buy. I’m not trying to compare to you guys at all I know Microsoft has a massive development team and they have. A massive community for people to create aircraft’s as well what you guys do is fantastic! And I love the literal game! Keep it up hopefully in near future we can do cold starts on Concorde and the fighter jets

    I think the problem with the Concorde is the complexity. There are more than 200 important switches in the cockpit

    Yeah I get that, Microsoft flight sim has got the Concorde with running everything so you can do a cold start if you like too, I think the issue is mainly with the jets that are using the afterburners but the Concorde the fighter jets have been released I believe from the 2021 version or the 22 version, with each new game each year bringing out new aircraft’s updating scenery and everything else. I get how full on the program is especially with desgning coding and everything else I was helping a mate design a aircraft for a game he was creating on a ps3 platform which never was released but doing the coding and everything is very long as I was helping him code for a flight sim but I’m a person who loves long flights from cold start to shut down, and the Concorde for me was. Big thing as I have actually flown on it 🤭 which was hectic! Was only a young boy but god was it the best flight! Hence why I’m so passionate ahah

    Just a question as I don’t think it is on the actual game but when you do take off for gliders at any airport is there a way we can do an actually take off where a plane tows the glider? Instead of manually selecting the altitude?

    Yeah I get that. It also doesn’t help that they are super busy? I was just curious with that. Apart from that I do like the game it’s smooth runs well. And plays well and again I don’t know how long it takes for them to build let’s say one set of aircraft or multiple, with all the testing involved…

    Does this mean you guys are prioritising airport maps? Or are you guys doing maps and aircraft’s? Because as a member that has played since 2018 I believe it’s almost the same sortve aircraft each year? And I’m glad that the new max planes have come out but would like to know if there is gonna be more airbus related commercial planes or even other commercial? It would be cool if we could maybe do a c17 globe master which is Boeing obviously ? But would be cool to see more commercial planes and what not I know it takes ages to develop but would be nice to see more craft. But apart from that I love the sim