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    I have an idea for a new airplane, namely the French STOL plane Morane-Saulnier Rallye. The airplane has flaps to take off and land in front of it that are raised during takeoff and landing. The cruising speed is 210 Km/h (113 knots) it has 9 meters wingspan and has a 180 hp engine. It's a beautiful airplane and it's really fun to fly, so I think it would be cool if there were something like this in Aerofly or simply more single-engine sport planes (including ultralights) that many people would like to see.

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    Is the Dr400 also coming to mobile?

    Because I would really like to fly them in Aerofly FS Global because I only have FS Global and I don't have Fs4 because I don't have a PC.

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    Hello @jet-Pack (IPCAS)
    is the DR400 now coming back to Aerofly fs4 and the mobile version? because I would also like to fly the dr400 in Aerofly.
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