I just had to convert this scenery:)

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  • I wonder, if FlyTampa would accept the transfer of your FS 2 scenery, if the receiver would buy another version (e.g. FSX) of the scenery from FlyTampa.

  • Normally everything can be shared, provided that the author accepts a contribution (Don) for his work to perform, and of course if it remains for private and non-commercial purposes.;-)


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  • Is that a conversion of the FlyTampa Payware scenery? In that case it's probably not allowed to be shared... 😕

  • Very nice realization Bruno, do you think one day to share your scenes on FlightSim.Org? Or it stays in private mode.

    Cheers, Tomfa ;-)

  • I checked this one out too. Looking over all the files, I realized I wasn't committed for this large project haha! Impressive!

    • I have most of it all done just have to put the airport in then sort the orthos out then its done. ow and got all the trees to put in too lol. might have it all done by tomorrow I hope .

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  • I couldn't resist it lol, it had to be done lol.