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  • Please excuse my ignorance but is this scenery all of England? Is it photo-real and could I identify my old address on it as I can with Google Earth? Skill less and clue less, I depend on clever people like yourself to bring the world alive. Thanks for your outstanding contributions to our sim.

    • This scenery is home made of all of England and Wales and just up to the borders of Scotland using "AeroScenery" and images courtesy of Bing Microsoft. Its made at a resolution of 2M/Pix so flying at around 2500 feet looks perfectly fine and you could pick out your house from this.

      With Nick Hods "AeroScenery" it is very simple to make your own scenery.

      The download of "Donation-ware" on flight-sim.org is ONLY cultivation ie. buildings and trees not the photo scenery as this is such a big file to upload, 38 GBS.

    • Thank you for your explanation. I guess the first step in doing any scenery is to get create a mesh through the SDK? I would love to do the area where I currently reside which is Adelaide, South Australia. Your efforts and explanations are starting to give me confidence to have a go.