Carbon Cub first flight

Like always, I did the first flight in VR. It's fun already :)

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  • Hi Kai,

    very nice screenshot with a beautiful plane on it! The area also looks very familiar to me. Neckarweihingen??? ;-)

    Thanks a lot for all your contributions for Aerofly and your incredible work. I'm looking forward for updates from you.



    • Hi Thomas,

      Yep :) It's actually meanwhile my standard route for first flights and testing things in VR; out via Oeffingen and then Neckarweihingen - IKEA - Asperg - Wasserturm. I think, I have flown that 50 times with the Arrow :D



  • I would never have guessed 30 years ago that I would be attracted to airplanes. She looks beautiful Kai! 8o

    • LOL, thanks, Jake. You know, I have grown up on airfields and between planes, so I didn't have any other option than loving them (what I do until today). It's the question what is better; this, or deciding later in life.. 8o

  • That looks great in the air. Thank you for your hard work going on behind the scenes. Look forward to flying it some time soon. Cheers, Michael.

    • Thanks Michael. I believe, we all who are creating content for Aerofly, share the same spirit. It's about helping to get the sim forward. It gives me a lot of motivation to keep going. Cheers, Kai

  • Congratulations Kai! Nice work:):thumbup:

    • Thanks, Pascal!

      Slowly I can start to work on the details. At the moment she looks pretty okay from far, but still boring then having a closer look..