Complex Houses with Scenproc Autogen


With the new version of Scenproc 2.0.0 and Crispy136 scripts ver 7, new possibilities have opened.

Now it is possible to build complex buildings automatically with autogen.

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  • Thank God! I was just thinking about this yesterday, and wondering if the capability would ever become possible for anyone other than ipacs itself.

    The only issue I see is that rather than an actual unique shape, this appears to use aeroflys regular squares and rectangles interpenetrating to create objects.

    One wonders about polygon budgets, and effects on framerate, as well as z-fighting.

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    • The building density get higher, no question. So the framerate will be influenced. On the other hand, AFS2 still is fast enough for Paris with 1.6M building elements.

      If you do not use the circular feature of Chrispy, the buildings are just adjacent, so no z-fighting.