Powerful AFS2

With 1.6 million extremely dense buildings the framrate is still at 137 fps.

GTX 1070, 1920x1200, ultra settings.

Now available for free:


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  • Very impressive, Thomas!

    Did you make some changes for European buildings in "Cultivation template file v.7" for this as well as for the "Starnberger See_Bavaria - photos"?

    Or did you use "Cultivation template file v.7" as supplied by @ crispy136, so to speak "out of the box"?


    • Hello Jakob,

      Yes, I use the setting for european buildings and custom textures for the autogen buildings.

      Just use this syntax:

      Cultivation template file for scenProc

    • Thanks Thomas, for the answer.

      If I understand you correctly, only when I use the "syntax for the European buildings", so I would necessarily need the "custom textures for the autogen buildings".

      Otherwise I do not need the "custom textures for the autogen buildings"?

      And where do I get the custom textures for the autogen buildings?

      Thank you, Jakob

    • No, you can use the regular textures.

      I only explained why my pictures look different.

      Currently I still work on optimizing these textures.

  • Very impressive and fantastic work!

  • Aerofly strong