WaN Washington North Scenery

Discover this beautiful area of Washington North with below the Grand Coulee Dam.

Better late than never ;)

Another big thank you Rodeo for this very nice achievement!:thumbup:

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  • Yes thanks, it would be a great idea to have a better definition! :thumbup:

  • Thank you Rodeo for this huge work that you have done wonderfully!

    there is so much to discover. It's huge!

    I only notice a problem at the Grand Coulee aerodrome, it seems to me that the texture on the ground and the mountains in the hinterland are less well defined? Or is it an error of me? I could possibly sent you a picture, so you can see?

  • Thanks Tomfa!

    Please make sure, you try all the others WaN localities as well...(wink)

    • This is possible. A year ago or so we were limited in upload size at flightsim.org. So I covered only the airport areas with high def images. Today we are able to increase this. I may upload higher levels of Washington North....