Norwegian coast west of Bergen airport

This shows the west coast of Sotra - the island to the west of Bergen airport. This kind of coastal scenery benefits greatly from the 1 metre terrain mesh.

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  • It's look really great.

    Is there any chance that you share your mesh and your cultivation on ?


  • Thanks guys for the comments. It takes a bit of effort to get the 1 metre terrain mesh for Norway, but it's worth it. The Google images are also pretty good - at least for the southern part of the country. OSM cultivation gives reasonably good tree cover, and filling in the missing buildings using Crispy's method works well too. (In Norway it doesn't seem to produce too many buildings where they shouldn't be.) On top of that the default buildings don't look out of place in Norway, as they do in most other European countries.

    • ...yes, that is ture: many gable roofs in Europe's northern hemispher; 'm really looking forward to this, and thank you so much for your efforts Ian.

      Cheers, Clemens

  • Well after seeing this picture I know where I will be cultivating the next few days!

  • Great. It looks so real .... !!

    • Yes, confirmed!!! I had to look more than twice to distinguish if it is a real photo or a screenshot out of the sim. OUTSTANDING !

      Sorry for beeing not a developer, but when I look at pictures like that one of my biggest wishes for AFS2 rises up constantly: Dynamic water at last - please IPACS..... !!!