Olympic National Park, WA, USA

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  • Where is the scenery aviable?

    • Hi - sorry about the late reply. This is user-created scenery. The orthos were downloaded and geoconverted using AeroScenery, the OSM cultivation was done using ScenProc with Crispy's v7 config file, and the tress were added using ScenProc's texture filter editor. The enhanced terrrain mesh (c10 m res) comes from USGS.

  • Thanks for all your comments!

    The new weather app gave me realistic weather for that part of the world. I might not have chosen those conditions myself - but in fact they created a more interesting shot.

  • A very artistic and real-looking sight out of the heli, very well done...

  • Congratulations Ian,

    your shot is outstanding amongst all the others!

  • Welcome back Ian!