Bjørnafjorden, Norway

The cultivation here is OSM + crispy's method of filling in missing residential buildings. OSM gives much better tree cover in Norway than in the USA or Australia - almost complete in many places. However the area on the right of the photograph could do with some extra trees. The 1 metre mesh handles the road tunnel entrance reasonably well - though obviously it can never be perfect from an aerial photograph.

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  • Excellent. !

    Maybe you can use AFS2 Cultivation / Scenery editor to add some trees on the right slope?

    • Yes possibly. I normally use ScenProc's "texture filter editor" to fill in missing trees but I haven't got round to doing that for Norway yet. (It involves using FSET to download images. I'd like to be able to use the Google images but I've lost access to them on FSET. I don't think I can use Aeroscenery because Aeroscenery doesn't produce an INF file.)

  • ...stop teasing us, please bring it to light ;)