Coningsby RAF-Airfield

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  • How do you get the flaps to stay up in the Mustang? When I try to use it, the flaps keep going up and down all the time.

    • This plane act for me as all other planes, with keyboard-, Joystick- and Yoke-commands...

    • In my case, the flaps keep coming down (and back up) all by themselves, with no control input from me at all.. Never stops... and I have not been able to find the issue. Makes it un-flyable. I assumed everyone was experiencing that with the Mustang.

    • maybe update with the most recent version from the creator 'Krzysk':

      try follow weblink -->

    • Thank you. I am using the latest model, downloaded it again two days ago. Must be something in a controller of mine that is triggering it. I have appreciated your help. - Regards, Kenneth