Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

examples of user-generated height maps in Australia

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  • adak47, you can create this scenery yourself by following the FS2 Wiki on scenery creation. You'll need the FS2 SDK, and the free FSEarthTiles (FSET) tool (or the AeroScenery tool) to download the tiled images using the default Virtual Earth (Bing maps). But in this scene also I've created user-generated height maps to get more accurate looking mountains and landmarks. It takes a little trial and error but it's not too difficult to create your own scenery such as this. Users can't share scenery as we don't own and not licensed to distribute the aerial imagery. So user generated scenery is for private usage only,

    • Are all of these apps supported on the Mac platform? I just discovered that Orbx is not...

  • This is great scenery -- it is it available to download?

  • I sure wish I had that scenery! Gorgeous shot...