Flying in British Columbia - View from a very high altitude

*** working is on progress ***

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  • Very nice to see this. What area are you covering? Will you add Mesh and cultivation or partner up with some of the other skilled designers to do those elements?

    Looking forward to this.

    - Kenneth

    (Saskatchewan, Canada)

    • Hi Kenneth

      At first, I just wanted to do Whistler and his environment. Meanwhile there are 17 tiles on Aeroscenery, separated in 3 areas, with at all about 44'200 square km:

      - Whistler Mounatins, incl. transition to PNW Quatam

      - North extension of Bralorne Mines

      - East extension of Lillooet

      Together with the great freeware "PNW Quatam" from @ZoSoChile there are at all 21 tiles with a coverage of over 50'000 square km for British Columbia (BC).

      Cultivation and trees-coverage-rate will be about at 60 up to 70% of the very large area. Power-lines and main-roads (incl. traffic) are added to the hole scenery and are allready implemented in the scenery.

      @TomSimMuc will add a mesh for the hole scenery. It looks great allready. Unfortunatly the runways of the two mountain landing places on the glaciers are to much bumpy with the higher mesh. Never mind, with the higher mesh it's awesome!

      I also added some helipads near the huts of BC. Whistler mountain skiing area with his lifts and Olypmic parc will be added later by my part to the scenery, probably in January.



    • Sounds like quite a project. I look forward to watching the progress.