Bergen, Norway

I recall many years ago arriving here on a car ferry from Newcastle (UK). The crossing took more than 24 hours. The default buildings actually look right for Norway. In the UK they look a bit out of place. (A Norwegian might find fault with them of course, but they look OK to my UK eye!)

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  • Ian, you are making sceneries so well: Please can you make some dynamic water for AFS2 too ;) ? Waiting for this since AFS 1 2012.

    • Thanks - I wish I could make dynamic water. I would certainly have to research it first!

      I agree with you that static water is a bit of an immersion killer. I try to avoid it by painting over the sea with a uniform colour - that way at least you don't see any static pattern on the water suface telling you it's not real. But it's not an ideal solution.

    • ...and maybe it's not an easy task too. Not to mention about seaplanes and low level flights with helicopters close over rough sea (which I do like sooooooooo much :) ).

      Anyway, thank you for your ongoing efforts.

  • Again, this is just amazing ... !!