A new Switzerland altisurface : Arolla (coming this week)

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  • O man, this looks so nicely, much more real :D , cannot wait for your new releases. But sorry drassaud, what's " altisurface " supposed to mean ??? Have looked in online dictionaries, but couldn't find anything.

    Thank you in advance, cheers.

    • Sorry, altisurface is a french word, meaning mountain landing place.

      We've got two words in fact :

      altisurface is a mountain landing place with no structure (a glacier or a grass place like "croix de coeur")

      altiport is a mountain landing place with a "real" runway like "Courchevel" for example.

    • Ah, okay drassaud, thank you, now everything is clear.

      Back to my days in FSX, and I'm sure you know this developer, the sceneries from LLH Sceneries have always been my favourite ones - really top notch. Courchevel <---> Meribel, I could do this still all day long, and still with one or the other crashing ;)

      Although I'm German, but under my opinion France, Switzerland, and northern Italy are the most beautiful countries all over Europe.