British Columbia SW (Part 1) – Whistler Mountains

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View of Squamish (near airport of Squamsih)

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  • Looking forward to it. I see the mesh is already on, so I hope your upload attempts are successful. - Kenneth

  • I can't wait to discover this region Christophe!

    I have the impression that 2020 is already starting very strong :)

    • Thanks and Sorry, I had 3 aborts while doing the upload. I was up to 70% (upload just about 7 GB).

      It's late, so I will try tomorrow again ...



  • Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it :)

    Thanks for the work!

    • Upload now at 42% -

      I'm also using your communication-tower-library … / Thanks!

      It's just Part 1 of my scenery of BC SW, bordering on your very nice scenery "PNW: Quatam River / Big Bay" (there is also a transition, but very pure in cultivation).


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    • Sorry, I mean poor in cultivation (and not pure) for the transition to your scenery …

    • No problem! It's all in fun