My first water landing - Near Squamish, BC, Canada

Congratulations to the people involved in recreating the Squamish/Whistler area of beautiful British Columbia. Up to now the gold standard for Squamish in flight simulation was a payware package from "a certain company" for "a certain simulator". Not any longer! I have NEVER seen such a wonderful representation of the town of Squamish and surroundings. Well, as I was exploring the area in one of my Canadian Super Cub repaints, I came across Lovely Water Lake, nestled in the mountains to the North West of the town. Heck, I was pretty sure I would crash if I tried landing on the water... but... I did not see this coming. A perfect water landing! For some reason, I had never thought of water landing the Super Cub before (probably because we don't have "real water"). BUT I did it, and even watched the bottom of the floats disappear below the surface. A "Kodak moment" for those old enough to know what that is! I successfully took off a few moments later.

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  • I would say that you are partly right ikbenik, except that the simmers of FSX, P3D and XP forget one fundamental thing to this, with the real life of the water, the weather or any other objects, it is simply the descent in hell, fps level, unless you have the latest bomb in computers!

    I am already delighted, and curious to see the configuration that will be necessary for MFS 2020 ;) To believe the firm Asobo, it will take heavy.

    What would be absolutely necessary today for AFS 2 is TrueEarth World level.

    • Totally agree, as I am also (virtual)fly via other sim's and member of Orbx-forums, I have via this medium reacted to them

      regarding the 'on-hold' or maybe 'total halt' of developping further fine DLC-sceneries like the only one sofar for AFS2,

      TE-Netherlands. Lukely that the AFS-community has a lot of volonteer-developpers of self-made and released sceneries.

      And indeed, we are all awaiting the release of the coming Microsoft's Flight Simulator and the needed HW-Specs to run.

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  • Great to see for the first time a 'floats' plane on a watersurface. As our globe is 3/5 covered with water, it should be a fine step forward if IPACS could add animated water in the AFS2-sceneries. It's one of the main reasons that FSX/P3D/XP simmers don't like AFS2.

  • Thank you Kenneth for your nice story!

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