Lufthansa 747 in retro livery departing Las Vegas

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  • Greetings GaryT,

    I stopped by to thank you for the wonderful painting work by Aerolíneas Argentinas, it was wonderful! I made a short video and put it in thanks to you, okay? favorite aircraft ... if you can do it i will be forever grateful and if so i will send you pictures of the real aircraft, ok? Congratulations on your talent in painting and hope that more paintings for the 747 will be done, especially Varig old colors!

    Big hug.…uZ9yGnm2oBymGnbvkk3MDc%3D

    • Thank you. I'll give it some consideration. Some liveries are a lot harder to paint than others.

    • I understand and thank you very much for your kindness and attention! Here is your video!

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