Swissair Boeing 747 in old livery flying out of Zurich

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  • Thank you very much, it's fantastic!

  • Another beautiful painting, congratulations! I would love to have your paintings on real aircraft, which existed and or exist in real life instead of fictitious ... even so congratulations and thank you for your dedication!

    • This one is not a fictional model, but an old version from 1985 ;-)

    • Thank you and sorry for the misunderstanding, but I never saw a 747-400 by Swissair, but the 747-300 ... in any case it was beautiful and this painting is beautiful!

      Big hug.

    • Well seen Giovanni ! you are right, the first version was a 257B and the second a 357M, Swissair never had a 400 version, the only difference seen from the outside was the addition of winglets. ;-)



    • Thank you for your comment and I will prepare a nice landing with this beautiful aircraft and I will dedicate it to you and GaryT, who made this beautiful painting, ok?

      Big hug and long live Swissair!