Oak Harbor 07 to NAS Whidbey 32 (1080p HD).

A 10-minute flight from Oak Harbor airport to NAS Whidbey airport on Whidbey Island. The flight was controlled by the Aerofly FS 2 "copilot" from takeoff to landing. I programmed the flight and controlled the panning and view selection during the flight, but never took the controls. The flight path flown is shown here:

Oak Harbor 07 to NAS Whidbey 32 Flight Path

Since the F4U Corsair is a single seat aircraft, programming the copilot to make the flight gives you a simple autopilot capability. That said, the copilot veered off the runway on takeoff and the landing was a little marginal.

The gorgeous scenery of Whidbey Island and the surrounding Olympic and Cascade mountains was provided by "Rodeo" and is available at Flight-Sim.org:

Whidbey Island Scenery by Rodeo

The paint scheme for the F4U Corsair was provided by "MDIvey" and is available at the same site:

F4U "VF-84 Bunker Hill" Paint Scheme by MDIvey

I thank both of these content authors for the great contributions they have made.

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  • Actually there exist very few screenshots or videos from Washington North scenery. Many thanks for posting this.

    • When you get the Deception Pass bridge up, I'll make another of aerobatics around it...