SBSP again (dusk and night)

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  • Very nice, congratulations! I wish I had all the photo scenery of Brazil and its airports!

    Big hug.

    • Hello Giovanni


      I am currently uploading the photo scenery for São Paulo on (1,2 m resolution : takes time...)

      Will cover SBSP and SBGR area

      I have recently ( a few minutes ago) built SBGR on fscloudport : not the wonder of the year but you will at least be able to fly from SBSP to SBGR over photo textures

      As usual only one runway to avoid blinking textures for peao^ple using it "as is " : personnaly I am always editing the tsc file to see only the photorealistic textures,

      I will upload cultivation too but it is very poor as OSM data seem to be poor too in this area

      Kind regards,


    • thanks for listening,

      I will wait for a friend who knows and can download and install it for me ... one day I hope to have all of Brazil in fotoreal with their respective airports ... you are on the right path, congratulations and thanks for your attention.

      Big hug.


    • Hello Giovanni

      Cannot do much for the photo textures as building them and uploading them is very" time consuming", but if you want some particular airport in "fscloudport style" (generic buildings) like my SBSP just ask me



    • Thank you very much for your attention and kindness Paul, in fact what I most wanted in Aerofly is the old Varig painting, the PP_VPI, 747-400.The 747 is my favorite aircraft in Aerofly, but I really wanted to have this painting and in fact I just bought Aerofly thinking about this painting, but I have already requested it on the forum and for many members but no one answered me ...

      Well, anyway I would like to have Guarulhos and Tom Jobim) SBGR and SBGL), but I don't know what it would be like to fly between these two airports without the textures of the ground ... sorry for not understanding anything about scenarios, ok?

      Cheers and if I can help with something you can also count on me. I have some videos, maybe I like something!

      Giovanni Cardoso

    • Hello Giovanni ,

      I just uploaded 4,8 m/pixel textures for the area on :…gs-photo-res-4-8-m-pixel/

      You can see the area coverage in the first pic in comments

      Trying to make a HD patch for the airports as my attemps to upload my whole 1,2m/pixel area" crashed"

      Never made aircraft repainst for AFS2 : sorry