My home made scenery with cultivation.

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  • Was the cultivation missing from the original download?

    • Hi Kenneth. There are 2 downloads, South Florida USA and South Florida Extra. In the first one some thing went wrong with the upload so it was ONLY scenery and no cultivation. This has now been corrected. Cheers Michael.

    • I double checked in the EXTRA area. For some reason, I see the files on my drive, and I have installed exactly as I did your previous sceneries, but there's nothing showing up. Just the images, not the cultivation. I will have to mess with it later again. Just never had that happen before. - Kenneth

    • Michael,

      I found the problem. It would appear that you inadvertently added the same "Places" folder to both the South Florida USA, and South Florida Extra projects. (check the file size in each zip, both are 61.98mb) Therefore, there is only cultivation for the larger USA area, not the smaller Extra one.

      - Kenneth

    • Ooops sorry about that too much going on making other scenery. I have combined mine into one folder so have lost track of the tile references. Can you please list the tile numbers map_09 etc for the missing cultivation. Thank you. Kindest regards Michael. PS There should be 6 tiles.