copilot needs a hole lot of training with this craft

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  • If the copilot.tmc is not set up correctly the copilot has no idea what it's flying...

    • Many planes that one can addon need to be adjusted, even some of the ones that come with the Sim, are not good at landings and will try to fly through hills and mountains, I find you really need to keep an eye on that assistant

      Thanks for your input.

    • Which default planes need adjustments? Please open a new thread if it's relevant to the default sim. As for add-ons please contact the developer of that product.

    • Mountain flying is out of the question for the copilot, he does not let down or climb out allowing time to gain or loose altitude. He just tries to fly direct, through the hills or mountains, don’t work well in California. The Baron the dash 8 or the jets, I find that they all need to be looked into.