This is done with the control inputs from Xavier de Lapparant. He describe it in the Book "The aerobatic four minutes freestyle".

It is working until he say I should move the stick forward, :D This will change the direction of rotation. But up to that point, everything works great.

You can go VERY far in Aerofly FS with Aerobatics. ^^

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  • The airplane is so tiny and it's a bit hard to see anything, why don't you zoom in a little bit?

    • Oh sorry. Just forgot it because I was happy, that it was working. :D Do full screen for more.

    • I don't know if these are better:

      and from Cockpit View:

    • Nicely done!

    • Now do it in VR 🤢 😃

    • Already done. ;) But I cannot replay for video. Possibly I will do a live recording at some point. The actual doing is not so complicated. My stomach… the correct figure is not so bad at all. What makes huge difficulties are failed figures. :D

      Inverted flat spin is working as well. :)

      Next: The Ruade. Sadly no chance. As soon as it starts tumbling forward it immediately stops. Hm... this was my favorite figure in the other sims, Don't know why it stops. At least one turn I should manage. Well, enough other freestyle figures to discover.