Touchdown at SWISS, GENEVA Airport

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  • The screenshot is perfect : thanks for it !

    What follows is not related with the quality of the shot : due to AF2S's limitations touchdown smoke effects are missing and also the heat waves of the engines (not missing in the screenshot but missing using the sim...). One more "small thing" with water rendering breaking the immersion when flying with AFS2. Hope one day we will get decent water rendering and advanced effects...

    (By the way : you could get touchdown effects in FS 2002 20 years ago...)

    Just as exemple without any artistic goal (woka's screenshot looks much better) : here are touchdown tires smoke effect and optical effect of engines heat flow

    [Blocked Image:]

    • Yeah no special effects really breaks the immersion:(
      but still this flight sim's really cool in terms of vanilla visual effects compared to p3d and fsx wtihout addons

    • Yes I love it too but I do not understand Ipacs's attitude with no significative improvements and no user friendly tools while P3D V5 will be available tomorrow, X-Plane 11.5 is available in beta an FS 2020 is on approach quite landing...

      Anyway I love your picture and will probably use it as wallpaper :)

      Kind regards


    • I'm gonna be trying P3D v5 too, also really excited for fs2020.
      This screenshot's kinda messed up, didn't realize my mouse cursor was shown

    • The brain is a strange tool : mine probably told me the mouse cursor was mine so i did not even notice !

      Here is a link to the shot without cursor :

      [Blocked Image:]

      P3D V5 is not interesting me : I do not notice much rendering changes with my V4.5 pro with REX Skyforce and Environmentforce. I do not want to pay for another version with probably compatibility issues. All the vids I saw were with addons (ORBX ) and I did notice some bugs like shadows aliasing and blinking in cockpit and water spray just under (below) seaplane a while after takeoff...

      But I got "off record" some precise informations about FS2020 : this will be great !

    • Hmm.. yeah maybe ill just stick with aerofly for now

      Didn't know you could remove the cursor from the screenshot :0