EDXW SYLT Taxiway with 3 D Objects....first work

This is the work for Taxiway Lights at Sylt (EDXW) at Night and also at Day with 3D Objects.

Very Hard Work for the right Position, 3D and Lights.... 510 Objects at the Ways....||

When all ready the files comes up to all....for free:)

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  • Looks good!

    Did you set the light source manually onto the 3D position of the taxi light model?

    • Hi Tom,

      yes i set all Signs and lights manually. The Signs at Bottom (Yellow) ar with degrees. The Signs at beside the way

      are round, but all on Original Positions.

      Set at Line, i can`t, i dont no to rebuild the Libary with my own Objects.

      And the other tools has this modified Libary not.

      regards Uli