Simulated Emergency Landing in the A320 at Venice-Lido 05 (1080p HD).

I have only recently attempted to fly passenger jets. I landed the A320 on the large, paved runway at Venice airport -- not well, but without crashing it or veering off the runway. I found it a remarkably well-behaved aircraft in contrast to the F4U. I then decided to try and land it on the grass field at Venice-Lido in a simulated "emergency" landing. As you can see from the 1 minute video, I came in hot, high, and fast but managed to stop before running out of runway -- although I am sure the brakes were smoking from the abuse. (I haven't figured out how to activate reverse thrust yet.)

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  • Eu gosto do seu vídeo ... no meu AEROFLY FS2 Eu uso a tecla F2 para o reverso, segurando e ao liberar o reverso ele desfaz ... Espero ter ajudado!