Asturias inland-Spain+Piper Tomahawk_1

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  • ikbenik,

    Could you look if you also have this UFO object flying over the Concha de Artedo Viaduct in Asturias? :( and the objects crashing on the ground at LEAS airport?

    Thanks for your help! ;)

    • Yes, at the airport LEAS I have also several objects(vehicles, airstars,...) halfway sinken into the apron or in front of

      airport-buildings. Strange that the static airplanes themself are well correctly on the wheels on the apron.

      I didn't sofar found the strange object in the air like you have shown in a recent posting...will lookup in firstcoming

      flight in same regio.

    • Thanks ikbenik for your information.

      Cheers, Tomfa