Houses near Penzance, Cornwall, UK

This is a fairly mundane scene, but I've included it here to show what can be done just by playing around with the textures on the default buildings (with the help of advice from Rodeo ). This is Cornwall, but the houses wouldn't look out of place anywhere in the western fringes of the British Isles. I have 2 wall textures at the moment - stone and white rendered. Both types of houses have greyish slate roofs. I'm also on the lookout for for images of roof tiles covered with yellow lichen. These are very characteristic of Cornwall - particularly on older houses. That will probably be my next refinement.

This type of cultivation can be pretty good even in a large town or small city. Truro, for example, would probably only need a 3D model of its cathedral to make it look very convincing indeed. It's not going to be adequate for central London or Venice - but that's too much to expect!

The other thing I've altered is my ScenProc config file for Ordnance Survey cultivation. Previously all these houses would have been single storey, which is wrong for Great Britain. I've changed them to 2-storey.