Heli or Ferrari?

Higgy, the copter was already waiting, but Mr. Masters decided to take the Ferrari today. 8)

Princeville Kauai - Waiting...

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  • LOVE this HELI ! ! !

    and also the Musik from Mike Post + Pete Carpenter

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  • Should be fine to discover the Heli, the Ferrari, the Dogs, Magnum PI and maybe Mr. Higgins on the Island Oahu as I followed the TV-serie when I was a lot younger(about 35-40 years ago broadcasted on many TV-Channels worldwide?)

    Looking forward to the release of the magnificent looking Hawaii-Islands as seen in a lot of screenshots by the developpers.

    • Can be a coincidence with this Hawaii project? :-)

      Magnum celebrates this year these 40 years, first broadcast (1980) It does not rejuvenate us :-(

    • but it feels like ... :)