MSFS boat-plane reported disturbing the good citizens of Discovery bay - FS2 Sheriff in hot pursuit!

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  • Where is that?

    I find having the whole world is great but the Aerofly still wins detail wise with the new areas and Orbix areas and especially VR.

    I'm struggling going back to flat.

  • The big difference to me seems to be water texture. Otherwise it is nearly identical.

    • yes, the lack of simulated watertextures is the biggest disadvantage of AFS2. Already from the start of AFS this was the request by many of the community to solve but without solution sofar that I regret.

  • Fine comparaison made here that proofs the quality and fidelity of the AFS2-scenery. I'm curious from tomorrow onwards when MSFS2020 is public available and see more of these (double)shots :)