Portreath, Cornwall, UK

I've been playing around with the geoconvert levels for the 1 metre mesh and have found that I need all levels 11-14 to display the mesh properly. [Previously I was trying to make do with level 11 (for the 50 metre data) and level 14 (for the 1 metre data) - i.e. no level 12 or 13.]

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  • Glorious! This is probably one of the best custom scenery screenshots I've seen in awhile.

    • Thanks Jake! I gather that ORBX are planning to do Great Britain, but I think I'll probably still use my own orthos and image tiles because I geoconvert up to level 15. Also I find their Netherlands scenery a little too dark for my taste. I'm guessing their terrain mesh will be either 10 or 5 metre. Either way I can supplement it with my 1 metre mesh. I'm quite happy with my own cultivation in rural or suburban areas, but I imagine ORBX's will be better in cities and for specific landmarks. The upshot is that I'll buy it - but mostly for the extra cultivation.