Wettergerät - Bad weather edition

As autumn is getting closer and the weather gets more cloudy and stormy, the Wettergerät has got a new update.

  • Improved handling of clouds by using the best matching cloud type, depending on height reported in METAR.
  • "Flight rule" indicator, telling you if your flight is still doable as VFR or must be flown as IFR.

So good luck landing in Amsterdam with this one:

EHAM 281625Z 13004KT 0900 R18C/P2000N R27/1900U R18R/P2000N R06/P2000N BR PRFG SCT001 BKN002 BKN003 14/14 Q1009 TEMPO BKN001

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  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this program.

    May I ask wich difference between Cumulus Height and Cumulus Med Height (the same for Density and Med Density)?

    Thank you.


    • There seems to be an extra layer of clouds not accessible by the settings menu in AFS2. The settings in AFS2 only have Cumulus and Cirrus. So the Wettergerät unlocks an extra layer of Cumulus clouds, called Cumulus Mediocris.

      Otherwise they seem not to be any different from regular Cumulus clouds. But in situations where METAR reports a third cloud layer, the Wettergerät is able to produce a third cloud layer accordingly.

    • Thank you for explanations. Understood...


  • This is too hard to use. I was doing okay until I got to the API key part. If I read this correctly you need to run two programs simultaneously, the AVWX REST API and the Wettergerat program. Although I registered successfully, I also could not find anything on the https://account.avwx.rest that gives me an API key whatever that is.

    I think it needs a lot of polish to be user friendly for the average dummy like me.

    • You are right: AVWX calls the API keys "tokens". After logging in to AVWX you should be presented your token, which you need to supply to the Wettergerät.

      If these instructions are helpful, I will improve the documentation.

      Alternatively you can copy METAR information from any website, so you do not need an API key / token at all.

    • I have registered and logged into AVWX for the free version but have never been given any token or key.

    • For me the token shows up at https://account.avwx.rest/manage

    • I do not see anything like token number popping up but by clicking on tokens I find a really long token key? How do I type this into Wettergerat? It does not ask for a key.

    • When I got my token to display in the AVWX program the other one recognised that my key code was present. When I clicked on the fetch metar data it told me the code was invalid and did nothing. The drop down list of airports covered only a few in the US. I think I will give this program a miss but it might work for somebody.