Lynx rescue mission after snowfall near LSGS Sion

Onset of winter in Switzerland. Lynx rescue mission after snowfall near LSGS Sion at dusk.

Normally Air Glacier or Air Zermatt will operate in this area ... ;)

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  • Hello Chris, Is this cold and snowy scenery available in the simulator or are you using a reworked Sion scenery?

    • No, the snow scenery is not included in FS2. I just experimented a bit to colorize the satellite images and have replaced the roofs of the cultivation with white roofs.

      Unfortunately I have no access to the trees of the XREF object, so they are still green (looks then like after a rainfall).

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    • Ok this scenery is wonderful I miss snow here in AFS2.

      I don't know if it would be asking you too much politely if you could make a copy of this scenery available to us somewhere.

      Anyway thanks so much for the answer!:):thumbup:

  • It's really magic Christophe!8|